Explore the Best French Natural and Luxury Soaps from Provence

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hand made soaps & best French natural and luxury soaps from Provence

Hello all, fans of the natural approach and great self-satisfaction! Let’s go on a virtual tour of the stunning landscapes of Provence, France, where generations have inherited artistry in soap making. Follow us into the territory of 7 great soaps including Marseille soap that perfectly captures the soul of this enigmatic region.

  1. La Grappe d’Or: An Elegance of Tradition and Modernity, Including Savon de Marseille Soap

Our journey begins at La Grappe d'Or, where tradition gracefully meets modern luxury, thus bringing in the essence of Marseille soap. These liquid natural soaps have their roots in an extraordinary 600-year-old recipe that undoubtedly spotlights Provencal heritage. They come with enchanting scents such as Mediterranean Fig and Rare Sandalwood, which explain why they are regarded as some among the elite.

  1. Natural Soaps from Provence: La Compagnie de Provence.

Only a few names are associated with natural soaps in Provence without mentioning La Compagnie de Provence. Their liquid soaps are traditionally modern, merging the essence of natural ingredients with contemporary convenience. These soaps stink good, have an appealing aroma, and maintain eco-friendly practices.

  1. Pre de Provence: A Tribute to Rural Beauty.

Ranking third is Pre de Provence, which esteems the captivating beauty of the French countryside soap brand. Their natural soaps comprise shea butter, essential oils and botanical secrets that gently nourish your skin. Every soap bar produced is a living testimony of the grandeur of this enthralling region’s soap making heritage.

  1. L'Occitane en Provence: The Epitome of Lavishness in Provencal Style

Synonymous with luxury, natural soaps by L'Occitane en Provence express themselves as opulent products from this province itself. These soaps are an interesting mix of ingredients specifically taken from this area that tantalize you to visit its lavender fields and orange groves warmed by sunlight rays falling upon them one day and get lost there forever since every bar tastes like a bit of “Provencal” life inside it.

  1. Mistral Soap: A Symphony of Provencal Aromas

Mistral Soap, our fifth treasure, is dedicated to infusing the enchantment of Provence into each and every bar. These natural soaps orchestrate a symphony of scents that echo the charm of the region itself. Infused with olive oil and shea butter, they lavish your skin with a luxurious cleanse, transporting you to sun-drenched landscapes with every use.

  1. Marius Fabre: Craftsmanship and Heritage, Including Marseille Soap

Marius Fabre, a name resonating with authenticity, is our sixth gem. Their natural soaps are meticulously handcrafted, channeling traditional methods passed down through generations. With scents like Olive Oil and Lavender, these soaps encapsulate the very essence of Provence, enriching your bathing routine with a touch of its spirit, including the heritage of Marseille soap.

  1. Panier des Sens: A Symphony of Nature's Bounty

Rounding off our list is Panier des Sens that offers inimitable natural soaps celebrating nature’s bounty on earth; such dedication to organic ingredients results in soaps that deeply nourish your skin while whisking you away to the fragrant landscapes of Provence.


Feel the Heartbeat of Provence

This is it – an edited collection of seven of the finest natural soaps from Provence, France, that encapsulates its charm, genuineness, and opulence, including the Marseille soap tradition. From La Grappe d'Or, which has evocative scents to a modern blend by La Compagnie de Provence, these soaps will put you right at the heart of Provence in terms of your senses. Enjoy the fragrances and feelings of this fascinating region with these natural soaps that bring out its core in every rich lather.


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