Marseille soap or savon de Marseille.

Traditionally a cube soap, it has become a Provençal icon and a leading product of the Mediterranean basin. Its virtues are so well known that it is now emulated all over the world. Marseille soap is the preferred product of those who wish to combine cleanliness with softness and ecology.

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La Grappe d'Or, a modern take on an ancestral tradition.

La Grappe d'Or is a brand created in 1860 by a renowned maison of Marseille. In the early 20th century, it was known as the “Première Marque de Marseille” (the first brand of Marseille).

La Grappe d'Or has made a point of carrying on the ancestral Marseille tradition, which guarantees a superior quality product. Our authentic Marseille soaps are made from sustainably produced and organic botanical oils, using the traditional cauldron method of master soapmakers.

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Discover our authentic liquid Marseille soaps, natural body washes and purifying body scrubs with intoxicating scents, all created and sustainably crafted in the heart of Provence, France.

About our producers

La Grappe d'Or surrounds itself with local producers who have always been passionate about their products. Together in partnerships, our production supports sustainable and organic farming.

Working closely with them is a guarantee of quality, as our artisanal soaps are made from a minimum of 96% natural ingredients.

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